The most beautiful campsites of Mont Blanc and the Grand Massif

The most beautiful mountain campsites in Grand Massif, facing the Mont Blanc

Fancy to go camping near the Mont Blanc? Highest point in Europe, the famous mountain reigns on the Alps and Savoie. At the foot of the giant, culminating over 4800 meters, lies a country of high mountains, glaciers and granite needles, separated in four valleys. Fall under the spell of this incredible landscape: green pasture valleys, capped by mountain range and eternal snows!  In the Grand Massif, you will be also enthralled by those untouched nature beauties as cirques, waterfalls and peaks…


Camping in the Grand Massif, between nature and heritage

Camping in Mont Blanc or Grand Massif, is the best base for hiking in unique landscapes. From Chamonix, Aiguille du Midi cable car soars you to the top, up to almost 3800 meters! A spectacular point offering breathtaking panorama to gaze at the Alps. You will also appreciate to visit the Mont Blanc region's villages and discover their remarkable rural and religious heritage.

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